1. Wireless Communication Network Simulation
Bluecomet has achieved experience about application of simulation platform in the military field and civil one. In additions, we have made researches of tactical internet, data link, and electronic warfare. Till now, our simulation platform of wireless communication network solution contains Tactical InternetSimulation Platform,Mobile CommunicationSimulation Platform, Sensor network Simulation Platform and Distributed Simulation System Network Communication based on HLA.
2. Radio Spectrum Management
Radio spectrum management is pretty necessary for modern battlefields. Our Solution of radio spectrum management would help you make researches about radio spectrum management for military field and civil in complex electromagnetic environments by advanced wireless propagation analysis and modeling management.
3. Radio Propagation Analysis
WaveSight complicated electromagnetic environment simulation tool based on UTD (consistent theory of diffraction) and Ray Tracing (ray-tracing model) of the radio wave propagation calculation tool. The software enablesto solve the signal propagation predictionin complex electromagnetic environment and it has unique advantages in interference analysis.