Radio Propagation Analysis
WaveSight uses UTD (Unified Theory of Diffraction) ray tracing and 3D building databases to measure how radio signals bounce off of structures - providing the most accurate network coverage information available for both the microcell and macrocell layer. Our solution ensures the delivery of a complete solution with all the required components for radio network planning of civilian and military users.

WaveSight allows wireless network managers to see the effect of signals as they bounce off of buildings. The resulting "canyon effect" seen in dense urban areas, for example, makes older COST Hata models obsolete for both network planning and optimization in an urban environment. WaveSight by Wavecall works for Macrocells in the most complex network environments in the world. Cell heights can range from 6 meters to 200 meters. It is also providing interfaces to most of the widely available radio planning tools such as Asset, Planet, Odyssey, Atoll, Wizard and Astrix.